Country Briefs for the Busy Traveler

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Travel advice at your fingertips.

Country-specific, condensed, concise.

Accurate, up-to-date and verified.

9 Easy, Fact-Filled Chapters

Important Information

Helpful Expressions

Getting Around

Safety First

In Case of Emergency

Dining Out

Tips on Tipping

Money Matters

Dos and Don'ts

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How are we distinct from our competitors?

During our research we came across many wonderful travel-related books and websites. What sets us apart is our emphasis on brief. We give our customers easy access to important and helpful information about their country of choice in a condensed and concise format, accurate and verified.

Our Goal:

To make Global Xpert-Country Briefs for the Busy Traveler the "go-to brand" for tourists and business travelers, initially in the U.S.A., eventually expanding to the global market.

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Available Fall 2017

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